Derailed Dancers - Eindhoven

Country Line Dance & Modern Line Dance lessons

Groep 1- maandag


Stir Crazy09-10-2017
Lonely Drum11-09-2017
Road Rhythm Blues26-06-2017
Moo Dee Blues15-05-2017
Darling Stand By Me24-04-2017
Drinking Problem03-04-2017
Until Good Gets Here20-03-2017
My Island Lady06-02-2017
The Fighter09-01-2017

Groep 2 - maandag

beginners / gevorderd

Lonely Drum16-10-2017
Teenage Dream02-10-2017
Stir Crazy18-09-2017
Road Rhythm Blues03-07-2017
Moo Dee Blues26-06-2017
Ride With Me12-06-2017
Some Girls Will22-05-2017
Light It Up01-05-2017
Drinking Problem24-04-2017
Until Good Gets Here24-04-2017
Nancy Mulligan27-03-2017
My Island Lady06-03-2017
Happy Man20-02-2017
Dig Your Heels06-02-2017
Stay All Night23-01-2017
Carnival Ride09-01-2017

Groep 3 - dinsdag

gevorderd / ver-gevorderd

People Are Good21-11-2017
See A Cowboy Cry14-11-2017
All God's Children07-11-2017
Dance Her Home24-10-2017
Redneck Life17-10-2017
When I Get It10-10-2017
Teenage Dream26-09-2017
Dig The Feeling19-09-2017
Stir Crazy12-09-2017
Lonely Drum05-09-2017
She Loves My Willie11-07-2017
Sunday Cha Cha04-07-2017
Road Rhythm Blues27-06-2017
Banjos And Bongos13-06-2017
In The Cheap Seats23-05-2017
Moo Dee Blues17-05-2017
Ride With Me09-05-2017
Old And Grey02-05-2017
Red Boots25-04-2017
We Go Round18-04-2017
Until Good Gets Here11-04-2017
Drinking Problem11-04-2017
Another Crazy Year28-03-2017
Outta Style21-03-2017
Nancy Mulligan14-03-2017
Lay Down And Dance07-03-2017
Some Girls Will21-02-2017
Dangerous Games07-02-2017
Dig Your Heels31-01-2017
Happy Man24-01-2017
Stay All Night17-01-2017
Carnival Ride03-01-2017

Groep 4 - donderdag

gevorderd / ver-gevorderd

The Beautiful Island07-12-2017
Should Be Loved23-11-2017
Oh Mama Hey!16-11-2017
More Than Friends09-11-2017
Sunny Days09-11-2017
Your Song02-11-2017
Amarte Bachata19-10-2017
Teenage Dream12-10-2017
Beautiful Wonderful
Enough Is Enough14-09-2017
Ni Tú Ni Yo07-09-2017
Glitter And Gold27-07-2017
My Simple Instruction13-07-2017
Life's About06-07-2017
Olivia's Boots29-06-2017
Latin And Lace15-06-2017
Slowly, Gently, Softly01-06-2017
Diamond Dreams18-05-2017
Promise Me04-05-2017
Light It Up20-04-2017
Whistle While You Work It13-04-2017
Rufund To My Heart06-04-2017
Sunday Finest30-03-2017
In Or Out30-03-2017
Galway Girl23-03-2017
East To West 1716-03-2017
Nancy Mulligan 09-03-2017
Lay Down And Dance02-03-2017
La Mala Y La Buena16-02-2017
One Life, One Love09-02-2017
Love Remains02-02-2017
Shout Out To My Ex12-01-2017
Echoes Of Love05-01-2017