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Country Line Dance & Funky Line Dance lessons

Groep 1- maandag '18


Take A Ride In The Country With Me12-03-2018
Gods Of Love19-02-2018
Keep Hanging On          15-01-2018

Groep 2 - maandag '18

beginners / gevorderd

Celtic Duo          09-04-2018
85          19-03-2018
Blue Kisses          05-03-2018
Gods Of Love          19-02-2018
When I See Ya                22-01-2018
Keep Hanging On          15-01-2018

Groep 3 - dinsdag '18

gevorderd / ver-gevorderd

See Ya Cecilia17-04-2018
Wildcard 1810-04-2018
Take A Ride In The Country With Me10-04-2018
Down On Your Uppers 03-04-2018
Light Up The World20-03-2018
Blue Kisses06-03-2018
The Older I Get27-02-2018
Gods Of Love20-02-2018
When I See Ya23-01-2018
Dixie Girl   15-01-2018

Groep 4 - donderdag '18

gevorderd / ver-gevorderd

See Ya Cecilia19-04-2018
Adventure 4512-04-2018
Doing The Walk29-03-2018
Celtic Duo22-03-2018
Watch The Tempo15-03-2018
Hold Tight 01-03-2018
Step Up Like A Donkey22-02-2018
Funk The Preacher Man01-02-2018
Tearing Us Apart25-01-2018
Breathe Into You18-01-2018
Life Goes On11-01-2018

Dansen uitgelest in 2017

Groep 1;
The Fighter, My Island Lady, Until Good Gets Here, Drinking Problem, Darling Stand By Me, Moo Dee Blues, Road Rhythm Blues, Lonely Drum, Stir Crazy, Countryholic

Groep 2;
Carnival Ride, Stay All Night, Dig Your Heels, Happy Man, My Island Lady, Nancy Mulligan, Until Good Gets Here, Drinking Problem, Light It Up, Some Girls Will, Ride With Me, Moo Dee Blues,
Road Rhythm Blues, Stir Crazy, Teenage Dream, Lonely Drum, Countryholic

Groep 3;
Carnival Ride, Stay All Night, Happy Man, Dig Your Heels, Dangerous Games, Some Girls Will, Lay Down And Dance, Nancy Mulligan, Outta Style, Anoter Crazy Year, Drinking Problem, Until Good Gets Here, We Go Round, Red Boots, Old And Grey, Ride With Me, Moo Dee Blues, Road Rhythm Blues, In The Cheap Seats, Banjos And Bongos, Sunday Cha Cha, She Loves My Willie, Lonely Drum, Stir Crazy, Dig The Feeling, Teenage Dream, When I Get it, Redneck Life, Dance Her Home, All God's Children, See A Cowboy Cry, People Are Good

Groep 4;
Echoes Of Love, Shout Out To My Ex, Shady, Love Remains, One Life One love, La Mala Y La Buena, Lay Down And Dance, Nancy Mulligan, East To West 17, Galway Girl, In Or Out, Sunday Finest,
efund To My Heart, Whistle While You Work it, Light It Up, Promise Me, Diamond Dreams, Slowly Gently Softly, Tequila, Latin And Lace, Olivia's Boots, Life's About, My Simple Instruction, Glitter And Gold,
Ni Tú Ni Yo, Enough Is Enough, Melodia, Beautiful Wonderful, Boombox, Teenage Dream, Amarte Bachata, Haide, Your Song, Sunny Days, More Than Friends, Oh Mama Hey!, Should Be Loved,
The beautiful Island, Echame La Culpa