Derailed Dancers - Eindhoven

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Uitgelest in 2018

groep 1 - beginners

Turn 'Em On 26-11-2018
Homesick Heart12-11-2018
Over The Moon29-10-2018
Shiny Eyes01-10-2018
Mama Mia! Why Me?24-09-2018
Groovy Love27-08-2018
All The King's Horses11-06-2018
Double Down Two Step23-04-2018
Take A Ride In The Country With Me12-03-2018
Gods Of Love19-02-2018
Keep Hanging On 15-01-2018

Uitgelest in 2018

groep 2 - beginners / gevorderd

Turn 'Em On26-11-2018
Homesick Heart 12-11-2018
Over The Moon29-10-2018
Shiny Eyes01-10-2018
Groovy Love27-08-2018
All The King's Horses11-06-2018
See Ya Cecilia07-05-2018
Double Down Two Step23-04-2018
Celtic Duo 09-04-2018
85 19-03-2018
Blue Kisses 05-03-2018
Gods Of Love 19-02-2018
When I See Ya 22-01-2018
Keep Hanging On 15-01-2018

Uitgelest in 2018

groep 3 - gevorderd / ver-gevorderd

Make It Sweet11-12-2018
Who You Are04-12-2018
Farmer's Wife27-11-2018
Bound Ta Git Down20-11-2018
Over The Moon13-11-2018
Big John Law06-11-2018
Young Again30-10-2018
Bethlehem Child23-10-2018
Waves Of Love16-10-2018
Shiny Eyes02-10-2018
Road Less Travelled25-09-2018
Groovy Love18-09-2018
Cry Pretty18-09-2018
A Double Whiskey11-09-2018
You're My Angel04-09-2018
Tara's Dance19-06-2018
Given To Me12-06-2018
All The King's Horses22-05-2018
She’s My Baby15-05-2018
Back To The Bar01-05-2018
Double Down Two Step24-04-2018
See Ya Cecilia17-04-2018
Wildcard 1810-04-2018
Take A Ride In The Country With Me10-04-2018
Down On Your Uppers 03-04-2018
Light Up The World20-03-2018
Blue Kisses06-03-2018
The Older I Get27-02-2018
Gods Of Love20-02-2018
When I See Ya23-01-2018
Dixie Girl   15-01-2018

Uitgelest in 2018

groep 4 - gevorderd / ver-gevorderd funky

Love Is Loud13-12-2018
Wild Fire22-11-2018
Healing Hands01-11-2018
Bethlehem Child25-10-2018
Walk In The Night18-10-2018
Those Were The Nights04-10-2018
A Double Whiskey27-09-2018
Cuba Libre13-09-2018
Beyond Beautiful06-09-2018
Samba Nation30-08-2018
Groovy Love23-08-2018
Cheri Cheri Lady28-06-2018
Jump Right In14-06-2018
Make Way07-06-2018
I Am Here24-05-2018
Call Out My Name03-05-2018
The Older I Get26-04-2018
See Ya Cecilia19-04-2018
Adventure 4512-04-2018
Doing The Walk29-03-2018
Celtic Duo22-03-2018
Watch The Tempo15-03-2018
Hold Tight 01-03-2018
Step Up Like A Donkey22-02-2018
Funk The Preacher Man01-02-2018
Tearing Us Apart25-01-2018
Breathe Into You18-01-2018
Life Goes On11-01-2018